Morton Schoolhouse Restoration News
Metal Ceiling
In 1947, a lowered false ceiling with added insulation was installed in
Morton Schoolhouse to help cut down on the cost of heating the building.
The classes of 1948 through 1952 and those who used the schoolhouse
after it was closed in 1952, benefitted from this.
Morton Interior 2001
Above this lowered ceiling, was a metal ceiling of a variety used since the late
1880's. With a few exceptions, the metal ceiling appeared to be in good repair. .
Tin Ceiling Before Repair - Summer 2001
Since the restored building was to represent the 1920 period, the lowered ceiling
was removed and those damaged areas were repaired or in some severe cases, the
metal was damaged to the point that removal andreplacement needed to
be considered.
Filled and Repaired Ceiling - May 2002
After a bit of searching, it was discovered that the tin ceiling is still being manufactured
by a company in Texas who has purchased and is using the original dies.
South Wall - New Tin Cove Pieces Installed - May 2002
The required replacement sections were ordered and the
damaged sections were removed. The "new" old tin was an exact fit.
Mark & Ambrose Metzger Apply a Primer Coat
After the ceiling had been repaired, it was decided to use
a rust inhibitor paint as a primer to further protect the
fragile ceiling. Ambrose and Mark Metzger volunteered
to spray the repaired ceiling.
Morton Interior with Ceiling Primed - July, 2002
Final Coat
After waiting a week or so to fill minor seams, etc., the
final coat of cream color paint was applied to the ceiling.
Notice that the primer coat has been applied to the side walls.
- More about that in the next section)

 Thank you to Ambrose and Mark Metger for a fine job!!!
Work continues in preparation for the interior wall and window painting
that will occur shortly.
The next step is interior/exterior painting . . . .

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