Morton Schoolhouse Restoration News
Exterior Painting
Work had begun months earlier preparing the windows for painting. The sashes
and frames had to be scraped and many of the window panes reputtied before the
primer and final coats could be applied.
Morton School - Early August 2002
The exterior window painting and the interior walls were painted by
Dave Metzger Painting. Those who worked on the schoolhouse were:
Dave Metzger, Denny Gwirtz, and Carl Metzger. As the following picture
reveal, they did a wonderful job!
Interior Painting
By late July and early August, 2002, the plaster had dried
sufficiently and the interior wood work had been repaired
and the loose, flaking paint had been removed.
It was time for the painters to work their magic!
Morton School West Wall (primer coat) - Early August, 2002
A three color scheme was typical for use in a one room school during
the late 1800s and early 1900s. The ceiling color was generally the lightest
of the three to maintain a brighter, lighter atmosphere, during a period
when the only light sources would be natural or possibly oil lamps. The walls
were also a light shade for the same reason.
Morton School South Wall - Front Entrance
The wall color at Morton School was chosen from the same base color as the
ceiling, but several shades darker to add a little more overall color to the room.
Morton School North Wall - Rear Entrance
The third color was chosen to accent the major colors of the
objects to be found in the room. The schools desks, as they are
restored, have many rich shades ranging from gold to chocolate
brown. This final color will hopefully high light and accommodate
this wide range of aged and varying school furniture.
West Wall - after the final coat
As the primer coats of paint were applied, the school began to show it's
finished face. The flaking crumbling plaster and flaking paint are a memory
and it begins to appear as it must have to it's students on those special years
when they returned for the new school year after their school house had
been newly repainted and restored during their summer absence.
North Window - Final coat
The painting was completed by the middle of August, 2002
Thank you to Dave Metzger Painting for a terrific job!!!

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