Morton Schoolhouse Restoration News
Interior Plaster work.
Morton School back wall - Fall 2001
During last Fall and some of the Winter, work had been progressing on
the school house interior. But as the crews were working on the brick
exterior, the schedule for work on the old plaster removal became
more critical. Once the exterior brick work was complete and the building
became more weather tight, the interior replastering work could begin.
Morton School back wall - May 2002
All loose plaster had to be removed from the interior walls so that the
new plaster would have a secure base to bond to. Structural cracks in the
masonry joints of brick wall found beneath the old horse hair plaster were
cleaned and filled with new mortar by the crew working on the exterior.
Morton School East wall - May 2002
A metal lathe or screen was applied to the surface of the newly
exposed brick wall. This metal screen helps anchor the new
layers of plaster to the brick wall beneath.
Metal screening applied to the back wall
After the metal screen has been anchored to the brick, the base coats of
new plaster are applied in several layers to build up the thickness to match
the unremoved old horse hair plaster that is adjacent to the new plaster.
Morton Schoolhouse Northeast corner
When the base coats of plaster have been applied to the same thickness of
the surrounding old plaster, an adhesive is applied to all the old plastered
surfaces and several more layers of top coat are then applied to the entire
wall. The above picture shows the area of the back door with metal
screening applied and then again after the last of the top coats have
been applied.
Back wall (after top coats have been applied)
East Wall (after top coats have been applied)
The plastering was completed by the end of May, 2002 and
it will take approximately 4 weeks before the plaster has dried
sufficiently for painting. It grows lighter as it dries and seems
to make the schoolhouse even more inviting.
Thank you to Miller's Plastering for a fine job!!!
Work continues in preparation for the painting that
will occur shortly. The ceiling requires a bit more attention,
and base boards, trim, and wainscoting will need some final
touch up before the painting begins.
The next step is: painting the ceiling. . . .

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